February 10-12, 2017 SSA Florida State Cup Qualifier

Event & Practice schedule

RV & Camping Information:

  • Please read the following before you reserve your spot:
  1. CASH only... Standard RV & Tenting $25 per day or $50 for weekend
  2. No hook ups and no access to water
  3. Arrival: Friday February 10 (anytime)
  4. Departure: Sunday February 12
  • To reserve your spot:
  1. Know the following information: Name, Camper Size/Info, Duration of Stay
  2. Email that information to CharlotteBMXTrack@yahoo.com 
  3. Ex. Johnny Appleseed, 30ft 5th Wheel, Fri-Sun

Click the images/links below for more information. Scroll down for parking map.

A Premier BMX Racing Facility in Punta GOrda, FL


Team tent set up times:

  • Vendors, Sponsors, & Major advertisers:
  1. Your space will be assigned by SSA BMX at the events. You’ll also need to get with one of our representatives on site before setting up.
  • SSA State Cup Series Set-up Times: Friday February 10 is set-up day, Set-Up Times are as follows-
    1. Venders and Sponsors, major advertisers, advertisers – Spots will be pre assigned and reserved by SSA
    2. All others Teams or Families wishing to set up tents: 
      1. You may begin set up anytime after 3pm on Friday February 10, spots are on a first come first serve basis and you must speak with Amanda Carr, if you do not know who Amanda is please find a Charlotte BMX official to help you

Admission to the event: FREE for all ages

Admission charges are included in the parking pass... see below for more info about parking




  • A portion of the parking proceeds will support Charlotte High School Cheerleading
  1. CASH only
  2. $5 per day or $10 for weekend
  • See the parking map below...